Ending Domestic Violence Resources


Domestic violence is one of the world’s most prevalent human rights violations which affect all communities around the globe. According to gender-based violence statistics, one in three women globally will be physically abused in her lifetime, with half of sexual assaults committed against girls under 16. In Nigeria alone, over 50% of women are routinely abused by their husbands, with more than two-thirds of Nigerian women believed to experience physical, sexual and psychological abuse in their villages. The Wellbeing Foundation Africa is therefore dedicated to reducing these statistics and giving women an avenue to break the silence that is brought about by the social stigma that comes with abuse. Moreover, the foundation continues to advocate for legislation that will protect the rights of women and girls and bring justice to survivors of domestic abuse.

As a commitment to end gender-based violence worldwide, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa on 21st March 2012 participated in the launch of the Global Truce 2012 campaign, ‘Reducing Domestic Violence’, hosted by Peace One Day in conjunction with the Eliminate Domestic Violence Global Foundation (EDV) in London. This presented a vital international platform for H.E Mrs. Toyin Saraki—Founder-President of the Wellbeing Foundation and the event’s Africa Representative, to address the problem of domestic violence, its potential solutions, and mobilize the foundation’s global network of international and regional advocates in a quest to eradicate gender-based violence worldwide.

On the 21st of September 2012, in support of the Global Truce 2012 ‘Reducing Domestic Violence’ campaign and in celebration of Peace Day, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa created awareness of the human and emotional costs of domestic violence by launching a short Eliminate Domestic Violence documentary. This video voiced the experiences of gender-based violence victims and represented a milestone in the campaign to amplify public awareness of domestic violence as it empowered victims to voice their experiences without reproach. Working with Project Alert Nigeria, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa illustrated the impact of domestic violence on the lives of women, thereby encouraging others to speak up against this human rights violation. Viewed by over 33,000 people, this video has brought together 9 national media houses, prompted many civil society organizations and celebrities to engage on the issue, and has inspired a number of advocacy marches in Lagos, Nigeria.

On the 25th of November 2012, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa further amplified its advocacy efforts in the fight against domestic and gender-based violence through the WBFA 24-7-365 Advocacy Campaign, urging all to ‘Say No! To Violence Against Women.’ In recognition of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the foundation launched a more extensive version of its Eliminating Domestic Violence documentary to create additional awareness, prompting both individuals and organizations alike to take action. Through a series of Call to Action videos, the WBF 24-7-365 Advocacy Campaign will continue to galvanize support by mobilizing a broad representation of prominent international and local voices on the issue of domestic violence.

Currently, Wellbeing Foundation acts as the first point of contact for domestic violence survivors who request assistance through the foundation’s website. After making a comprehensive assessment of the physical, sexual or psychological abuse endured, the foundation puts the woman in contact with its domestic violence partner, Project Alert Nigeria, who in turn provides in-depth assistance, counseling and advice. Together with Project Alert, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa is working towards breaking the silence on domestic violence; providing support for women who have endured abuse and empowering women to see themselves as survivors, not victims.

The Wellbeing Foundation Africa will be working with FIDA and the Legislative Advocacy Coalition on Violence against Women (LACVAW) which consists of numerous NGOs, faith-based organizations and development partners such as UN Women, UNICEF, UNFPA, and Justice for All. The sole goal of this partnership is to promote the passage of the Violence against Persons Prohibition Bill which is currently before the House of Representatives. As the lead Africa supporter of the United Nations Every Woman Every Child effort, the foundation maintains its focus on the elimination of domestic violence though the WBF 24-7-365 Advocacy Campaign, which centers on stimulating action and awareness of domestic violence and developing women’s capacity to recognize their rights. This therefore aids in improving their lives, that of their families, and invariable, maternal, newborn and child health. Follow this link to see the foundation’s latest Call to Action