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Controlling Disease Outbreaks for Improved Maternal Health

Disease outbreaks have forged a persistent presence in the modern-day era. With the recent threat of Yellow Fever to lives, it necessitates the need to strengthen public health & develop innovative strategies for monitoring & responding to infectious disease crises.


Yellow Fever is an acute viral hemorrhagic disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes most commonly from the Aedes species. Good, supportive treatment of symptoms, such as dehydration, fever & infection, improves survival rates. The symptoms of Yellow fever include yellowness of the eye, sudden fever, headache & body pain. If noticed, mothers are to visit the nearest healthcare facilities for immediate treatment. Yellow fever virus is a completely vaccine-preventable disease & provides lifetime immunity. The Yellow fever vaccine is freely available at primary healthcare facilities in Nigeria. Mothers are advised to get their families immunized to improve health.


The wellbeing Africa midwives are educating mothers across Nigeria on the importance of immunization, visiting local healthcare facilities and communities to establish health hubs for local mothers. Vaccination is key to preventing yellow fever. Mosquitos are among the world's deadliest insects & transmits the Yellow fever diseases. Promoting a mosquito-free household will protect mother and child from Yellow fever & other vector-borne diseases. This week, across our over 650 partnering healthcare facilities, The Wellbeing Africa midwives will be educating mothers on active ways to prevent Yellow fever, whilst encouraging immunization for babies to ensure lifelong protection.

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