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COVID-19 Relief - Wellbeing Foundation Africa - PocketPatientMD Partners Jara Stores Nigeria- Launches First Electronic Grocery Voucher For Pregnant And Nursing Mothers

As Nigeria continues to scale up efforts to control and combat the coronavirus, with enforced stay home lockdowns and social distancing in place in many states, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa - PocketPatientMD COVID-19 E-Health Check Platform in partnership with Jara Stores, an indigenous discount supermarket retail chain, have initiated an innovative nutrition palliative scheme for pregnant and nursing mothers, to ease the burden of hunger felt by vulnerable women and their newborns, using the power of technology.

Launching their Electronic Grocery Voucher on Monday 20th April - Wellbeing Foundation Africa Founder HE Toyin Saraki stated:

"Pregnant and nursing mothers who complete the COVID Health Check can now download a free electronic grocery voucher for Jara Supermarkets in Lagos and Edo States."

"I am delighted to welcome our latest Wellbeing Foundation Africa PocketPatientMD partners, Jara Stores and MyPharmacyNg to the WellbeingAfrica - PPMD #COVID19 Alliance."

"Through this nutrition palliative initiative electronic groceries voucher—a first in Nigeria—we hope to help pregnant and nursing mothers, and their households, receive a variety of nutritious foods that best meet their needs."

"In this unique partnership, pregnant and nursing mothers who have completed their COVID Health Check can opt to download a free electronic grocery voucher eligible for a grocery package at their nearest Jara Supermarket."

"I am also grateful to MyPharmacy.Africa, who are now providing the tool through their network of 10 thousand pharmacies across Nigeria."

Jara Stores Corporate Relations Lead, Tolani Matthews stated:

Jara Stores is pleased to join the Wellbeing Foundation Africa PocketPatientMD COVID-19 Alliance, in mitigating the nutritional risk of vulnerable pregnant and newly delivered mothers during these uniquely challenging times - through redemption at our participating outlets, we hope our contribution of Nigeria's first electronic grocery vouchers, free of charge, will enable this part of our society, mothers and their newborns to stay safe, eat well, and maintain necessary hygiene practices."


Explaining further, Chris Roberts, Digital Health Lead, Wellbeing Foundation Africa commented:

"We have been encouraged by the high uptake of our powerful tool to help Nigerians self check for symptoms of COVID-19 from the safety of their homes, enabling and informing health seeking orientation and reporting through the appropriate channels at the National Centre for Disease Control, we urge everyone to recheck for risk symptoms every 7 days, while observing all rigour of adhering to hygiene practices and physical distancing."


"The Wellbeing Foundation Africa – PocketPatientMd COVID-19 e-health check tool is available for free at and users can access real-time updates on how to stay connected, safe, and healthy during the pandemic on Instagram and Twitter @Wellbeing_PPMD, and @WellbeingPPMD on Facebook."

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