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Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

Gender Based Violence remains a scourge in Nigeria society where women and girl child are more at the receiving end than the male counterpart. GBV remains an oppressive forms of gender inequality, posing a fundamental barrier to the equal participation of women and men in social, economic, and political spheres. 3 out of 10 Nigerian women have experience physical violence by age 15 and 28% of Nigerian women aged 25-29 have experience some form of physical violence (NDHS 2013).
During the COVID-19 pandemic period where there are restrictions to movement and families stay more together, the incidence of GBV is growing exponentially leaving the more vulnerable gender to groan in silence. 
Wellbeing Foundation Africa, through our midwives, is at the forefront of campaign and advocacy against any form of physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse, threats, coercion and economic or educational deprivation against women and girl child.

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