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Today is another installment of Maternal Monday, the innovative online maternal educational platform of the Wellbeing Foundation Africa, which provides information on topical issues affecting maternal and child health around the world. Today, we reviewed the need to improved maternal health services in the theme, "Improving Healthcare Services for Women and Girls," with special focus on the sexual, reproductive and health rights of women and girls.

On this eve of the 25th anniversary celebration of the International Conference on Population Development held in Cairo in 1994, issues surrounding the health and rights of women and girls is again taking centre-stage globally, with the Nairobi Summit on the International Conference on Population beginning tomorrow. The Wellbeing Foundation Africa, is leading the way in calling for public and private sector commitment to accelerating progress towards to achievement of the agreements reached 25 years ago by 179 governments from across the world. As a major partner of the UNFPA implementing key programmes that strengthens maternal and child health in Nigeria, the Founder-President of the Wellbeing Foundation Africa Her Excellency Mrs Toyin Saraki, will be leading deliberations on ensuring a progress in the health and rights of women.

The Wellbieng Foundation Africa through her innovative programme, the MamaCare Antenatal and Postnatal Education Classes, is reaching mothers everyday in over 614 healthcare facilities cut across 4 states  and the FCT in Nigeria. Through these classes, our 55 midwives are educating mothers and implementing interventions on family planning, obstetric and newborn care, sexual and reproductive health, child marriage, general maternal health, female genital mutilation, improving midwifery services, amongst others. We are promoting the development of midwifery services across the country, because we agree that midwives are capable of taking care of up to 87% of maternal and newborn needs, making them most suitable to care the women and children.

The International Conference on Population Development taking place between 12th and 14th November 2019, and hosted by the governments of Kenya and Denmark and the UNFPA, is a call-to-action for all stakeholders both public and private sector stakeholders, to make commitment to play an active role financially and/or promote plocies that protects women's right to reproductive health choices, women's empowerment, and gender equality, as key factors to achieving sustainable development and attaining universal health coverage by 2030. On today's Maternal Monday, we dissected the importance of maintaining maternal health and achieving improved family health through proper family planning and structured sexual and reproductive health and rights of girls, with keen focus on their teeanage years.

As a preamble to the International Conference on Population Development, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa and UNFPA hosted a stakeholders breakfast meeting for strategic public and private sector partners in Nigeria, to set the stage the global conversations that will be taking place over the next two days. Follow our social media platforms for information on preceedings from the Nairobi Summit, and all view stories from our various impact projects on maternal and child health in Nigeria.

Thanks for joining us on #MaternalMonday today.

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