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Protecting, Promoting and supporting #Breastfeeding for babies in time of Covid-19”

We know the essential nutrition that breastfeeding provides in the development of your baby and for you as a nursing mother. But how can you continue breastfeeding for your baby in this time of coronavirus (#covid19) outbreak?

The most important aspect of breastfeeding during this period is practicing proper hygiene. This includes regular handwashing before and after contact with baby, sanitizing surfaces, and, if you are unwell or suspect you are infected, wearing medical masks as advised by health professionals. In cases where a mother is too unwell to breastfeed her baby, her breastmilk can be expressed in a cup/spoon or a donor milk can be an alternative. During emergencies and every day, #HumanMilkBanks are an essential component of a baby-friendly health system.

At the Wellbeing Foundation Africa we believe that promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding best practices is an essential part of the response for infants and young children in the time of #COVID19

Ensuring that exclusive Breastfeeding continues uninterrupted for the first six months of a baby’s life is not just crucial for your baby’s bonding and development, it is very import for your own health and wellbeing as a mother. It is therefore important to continue practicing it even in emergency situations, Family members and the community are encouraged to support mothers initiating early and exclusive continued breastfeeding everyday.
The Wellbeing Foundation Africa Midwives provide education, information and crucial support for exclusive breastfeeding as lactation experts at healthcare facilities across the country.

The Wellbeing Foundation Africa is committed to programs and services to promote and support early and exclusive #breastfeeding. This includes breastfeeding during emergencies like the coronavirus pandemic and every day. Through regular classes in health care facilities and sensitization programs for the general public through town hall meetings, we are overcoming the barriers to breastfeeding.

As we conclude our #Alive&Thrive Infant and Young Child Nutrition Program providing orientation on improved Infant & Young Child Feeding Skills to 2,335 healthcare workers, and the hundreds of thousands of mothers they care for in the two states of Lagos and Kaduna, through the direct engagement of 695 private health facilities, we hope our donation of anatomical breast models to the facilities will strengthen their resolve to accelerate nutrition results.

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