The WBFA has joined forces with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, the oldest and most established school of tropical medicine in the world, and Johnson & Johnson, one of the largest global health companies, to implement the EmONC training programme in Kwara State. This is a unique partnership model, bringing together an esteemed higher-education institution, the private sector and a civil society organisation.

80% of all maternal deaths result from five complications which can be readily treated by qualified and trained health professionals: haemorrhage, sepsis, eclampsia, complications of abortion and obstructed labour. Our EmONC training takes place in-house and equips doctors, nurses and midwives, as a collective team, with the skills needed to overcome these obstetric emergencies. 

In February 2018, WBFA Founder-President, H.E. Mrs Toyin Ojora Saraki, alongside Joy Marini, Global Director of Community Impact at Johnson & Johnson and Dr. Hauwa Mohammed, Nigeria Country Lead at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, reopened the EmONC skills laboratory at the General Hospital in Ilorin, Kwara State. This lab joined 8 existing skills labs set up across 7 of the 16 local government areas of Kwara State. Across 21 healthcare facilities, these labs and the wider programme have so far been used to train numerous healthcare workers, including:

    50 master trainers and skills lab coordinators
    290 healthcare providers in EmOC&NC
    88 healthcare providers in quality improvement
    Our master trainers have trained a further 62,800 health workers at every cadre in the continuum of care

    From May 2018, the partnership will extend and scale-up the achievements so far. In the lead up to 2020, EmONC training will be delivered to an additional 27 health care facilities in the remaining 9 local government areas of Kwara state.