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Who We Are

About Us

Founded in 2004 by Her Excellence Mrs Toyin Ojora Saraki, The Wellbeing Foundation Africa was created with the aim of improving health outcomes for women, infants and children. At the WBFA, we combine our programmes with advocacy work in Nigeria and around the world allowing every health worker and mother to have access to life altering advice. Over 200,000 women have taken part in our flagship ‘MamaCare’ classes in Nigeria and over 10,000 students have benefited from our Ado.PSHE classes. Despite dire national maternal mortality rates, we have not yet lost a single MamaCare mother, and our Ado. PSHE girls and boys are more empowered as every to make a change. Our WBFA midwives - for whom no topic is off limits - transform the lives of mothers, their children and communities.


Advocacy campaign of The Wellbeing Foundation Africa

#MaternalMonday is a simple and effective advocacy campaign of The Wellbeing Foundation Africa to remind and encourage mothers and their healthcare givers that for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery, every mother should deliver her baby in a properly equipped medical facility, attended by a skilled and qualified midwife with access to appropriate medical referral to a doctor and/or surgeon.

#MaternalMonday Delivers traction in maternal newborn and child health goals from pregnancy, post-natal periods to newborn nurturing, infant and child birth registration, immunization, breastfeeding and nutrition, from point of pregnancy up till adolescence and womanhood, including prevention of child marriage, retention of girls in education, and eradication of gender violence.

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Mamacare Antenatal Education

All pregnant women are welcome to attend The Wellbeing Foundation MamaCare Antenatal Education classes. Classes are led by a qualified midwife, held weekly. Partners and family members are welcome. The sessions will give pregnant women practical information, advice and support to help prepare for birth and care for their newborn.

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Improving The Availabilty And Quality Of Maternity Care Services In Kwara State

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Development Goals

Good Health and Wellbeing

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Gender Equality

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Clean Water and Sanitation

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

Latest News

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Wellbeing Foundation Africa launches partnerships with women and youth groups to strengthen support for interventions at community level

On Tuesday February 2, 2021, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa (WBFA) launched the Wellbeing Foundation Africa Wash for Wellbeing Clean Nigeria Women and Youth Community Leaders and Champions Initiative. The initiative is designed to build the leadership of women and youths at the community level to be decisionmakers and owners of interventions aimed at improving their wellbeing.

WBFA set to put the ‘mobile’ in mobilization as the Foundation launches WhatsApp Chatbot to champion continuum of care.

In 2020, the onset of a global pandemic saw the world’s efforts to transition communities into a more digitized way of living, suddenly needing to be accelerated. As the promise of technology became an increased reality for many organisations and services, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa continued accordingly, modifying its existing contribution to round-the-clock care for women and their babies, in digital form.

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