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Letter from H.E. Mrs Toyin Saraki, Founder-President Wellbeing Foundation

In 2004, I realised that the silence on the inadequate maternal health system in Nigeria and Africa could not continue, and it had to change. This is when I founded the Wellbeing Foundation Africa.  It was actually my own traumatic experience in my home country Nigeria, where I lost my own child; which made me fully aware of the challenges and deficits every mother was experiencing, every day, every birth – be it unsanitised and old equipment to cold and unwelcoming health workers. 

I had always understood that many Nigerians suffered from lack of education and opportunity, but this inequality was most pronounced in childbirth.  Every aspect of the process – from medical staff access to availability of resources to even basic cleanliness – is impacted upon by regional and national standards.  The trauma of losing a child opened my eyes to how few options were available for Nigerians. For all to learn, to be vocationally skilled and to be employed. All of this is dependent on various social factors, including class, geography, and gender. Women and girls unequivocally face the greatest challenges and barriers to education, work and rights in Nigeria and across Africa.

The policies of Wellbeing Group were firstly informed by the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, and are now informed by successive Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Three, Five, and Six: Good Health and Wellbeing, Gender Equality, and Clean Water and Sanitation, respectively.  We advocate for improved health, education and individual empowerment across Africa through a multi-layered strategy of research, advocacy, policy development, education, community engagement and private-public sector partnerships.

With a mission so audacious as delivering global standards of health, education, and empowerment to the people of Africa, the importance of the individual cannot be overstated.  We achieve global improvement through the improvement of one life at a time.  That is why Wellbeing Group strives boldly for a new healthcare paradigm; one in which a dignified, comprehensive continuum of care and counsel empowers people to determine their own health processes.  Our success is contingent upon cultivating the unique triumphs of individuals, families, communities, and countries… and I do so hope you will join us.

H.E. Mrs Toyin Ojora Saraki

H.E. Mrs Toyin Ojora Saraki
Founder and President