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With the use of our social media platforms, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa Adolescent PSHE Curriculum and Program advocacy are rooted in achieving positive changes in the lives of young adults (teenagers). Our #TeenageTuesday advocacy builds on the insights generated by our work with children within schools and communities.

The Wellbeing Foundation Africa recognizes that children are in a vulnerable position in society, especially when factoring in the environmental element. This is why we advocate by speaking not only to them through our PSHE classes, but also on their behalf. The Wellbeing Foundation Africa has championed critical campaigns that have led to the frontline policy changes in government, especially with the passage and domestication of the Child Rights Act in Kwara State.

In partnership with the World Health Organization, we have continued to use our #TeenageTuesday platform to push advocacy for the promotion of physical activities and exercises for children and teenagers, as a means of curbing the prevalence of Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) in society. The Wellbeing Foundation Africa Adolescent PSHE Curriculum promotes and helps in strengthening healthy eating habits, that guarantees life-long benefits for young people.

The #TeenageTuesday campaign has also served as a channel to showcase the frontline work being carried out by our Teen Counsellors in schools across Kwara, Lagos, Cross River, Osun States and the FCT. Through these frontline interventions, our Teen Counsellors have reached over 10,000 teenagers and have successfully established student clubs within schools to ensure the sustainability of our programs further.

Every Tuesday is an opportunity to make the world better for our children.


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