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Antibiotics and WASH: Improving Maternal and Child Health

Inadequate #WASH can lead to:

  1.  Increased use, misuse and overuse of antibiotics, accelerating #AMR
  2.  Increased healthcare costs
  3.  Longer stays in hospital and repeated visits due to healthcare-associated infections, especially antibiotic-resistant infections.

Poor #WASH standards in healthcare facilities results in Sepsis, which is particularly dangerous because it's often resistant to antibiotics, and can rapidly lead to deteriorating clinical conditions, particularly for mothers and newborns. The birth environment is crucial to preventing infections. Good hygiene at birth reduces risks and also impacts on the need for antibiotics and the emergence of resistance.


Giving antibiotics is not the solution to preventing infections, #WASH is. Going back to basics with ensuring access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene facilities on the road to UHC and the fight against antibiotic resistance. At The Wellbeing Foundation Africa, we believe improving #WASH in healthcare facilities and schools remain the simple most innovative means of infection prevention and control, reducing the need for antibiotics. Antibiotics misuse or overuse results in Antibiotic Resistance. Many infections could be prevented through access to water, hygiene and sanitation. Prioritizing #WASH globally will be key in our efforts to Stop Super bugs. #WASH means fewer people getting ill so fewer people needing antibiotics.

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