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Strengthening Partnerships for a Cleaner Future: Wellbeing Foundation Africa and Reckitt Nigeria Unite

Following the resounding success of the Dettol School Hygiene program's closeout event, Her Excellency Mrs. Toyin Ojora Saraki, the Founder and President of Wellbeing Foundation Africa (WBFA), led the WBFA High-Level Goodwill Visit to the Reckitt Nigeria Headquarters in Lagos, accompanied by the WBFA Lagos Projects Team. The purpose of the visit was to build on the existing partnership on the Dettol Hygiene Quest program and explore new avenues of collaboration. This visit marked a marked a significant step in the collaboration towards a cleaner, and healthier Nigeria.

Receiving the delegation was Mr Akbar Ali Shah, General Manager, Reckitt Sub-Saharan Africa, along with members of his leadership team. The visit was marked by a tour of the Reckitt SSA HQ offices, insightful discussions, and presentations, with Mrs. Cassandra Uzo-Ogbugh, the External Communication and Partnership Lead for Reckitt Sub Saharan Africa, presenting a comprehensive overview of the company. The discussions delved into the shared commitment of both organizations to create a positive impact on communities, especially in the realm of hygiene education, health, and well-being.

Dr. Ayomide Tonade, the Senior Program Lead at WBFA, took the opportunity to present a detailed insight into the journey and achievements of the Hygiene Quest program. The program's remarkable success in schools, healthcare facilities, and communities across Lagos State, Kwara State, and FCT Abuja was highlighted, reaffirming the potential for collaboration to drive transformative change. The numbers, equally compelling, narrate a story of unassailable success. Over 9,321 students were empowered with essential hygiene knowledge, surpassing the set target by an impressive 101.31%. Equally remarkable was the engagement with 25,835 pregnant and lactating mothers, achieving an exceptional 103.78% of the initial goal. The impact was felt profoundly in communities, with 96 of them reached and 8,128 community members empowered, surpassing the target by a heartwarming 115.98%. These results stand as a resounding testament to the effectiveness and dedication of the Wellbeing Foundation Africa team, making the Hygiene Quest program an unquestionable triumph nationally, and globally, aiding in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - SDG3, SDG6

The notable presence of other key figures from the Reckitt team: Tanzim Rezwan, Marketing Director (SSA) Reckitt; Zara Adoki, Dettol Category Manager (SSA) Reckitt; and Madonna Okpaleke, Head of Legal (SSA), symbolized the dedication of Dettol Nigeria to forging a strong partnership and collectively paving the way for a cleaner and healthier nation.

This strategic meeting was not just a dialogue between two organizations but a powerful collaboration towards common goals. The discussions and actions forward from this visit will undoubtedly chart the course for future endeavors, emphasizing the mutual commitment of WBFA and Dettol Nigeria to fostering a culture of hygiene and well-being that transforms lives and communities.

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