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Wellbeing Foundation Africa Increasing Midwives Access to Training and Medical Equipment in Nigeria To Empower Safer Birth

The Wellbeing Foundation Africa’s quest to continue contributing to global goals of zero maternal and neonatal deaths by 2030, has been further empowered following the generous donation of eight VScan handheld ultrasound machines from the Nigerian division of the global medical technology innovator, General Electric (GE) Healthcare.

The Wellbeing Foundation Africa (WBFA) has donated eight General Electric (GE) VScan handheld ultrasound machines to primary healthcare facilities across Nigeria as well as provided training to midwives on the use of the VScan Portable Ultrasound Machine. This donation is aimed at improving maternal and child health outcomes in Nigeria by empowering midwives with the knowledge and tools to provide accurate antenatal care.

The VScan Portable Ultrasound Machine is a state-of-the-art medical device that provides real-time imaging of the internal organs of pregnant women. With this technology, midwives can detect potential complications during pregnancy and provide timely interventions to prevent adverse outcomes for mothers and their babies.

The 2 days training program, which was conducted by Mr. Gospel Johnson, Lead Application Specialist Ultrasound Imaging Modality, GE Medical Technologies West Africa equipped midwives with the necessary skills to operate and interpret ultrasound images using the V-Scan Portable Ultrasound Machine. The training also had hands-on practice where the midwives were able to measure the head and abdominal circumference of a fetus.

Stakeholders present at this 2-days training include Mrs. Aliyu Aliu Uneratu, from the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Mrs.  Chinyere Uzoama, Safe Motherhood coordinator, Federal Capital Territory Primary Health Care Board, Mrs. Grace Leo, Director of Nursing, Health and Human Services, Federal Capital Territory Administration, represented be Mr. Babaduje Stephen.

Speaking on the training, the Founder and President of WBFA, Her Excellency Toyin Ojora Saraki, said, "The deployment of high tech portable ultrasound machines will contribute to the Wellbeing Foundation Africa's progressive antenatal intrapartum and postnatal care pathway; a community health centered offering that daily commits to the early detection and subsequent diagnosis of women and neonates to minimize adverse antenatal intrapartum and postnatal complications. A well-trained and supported midwife delivering quality antenatal and postnatal maternity care and counsel to an informed and empowered mother is the difference between life and death. We welcome the donation of these ultrasound machines that will contribute to the empowerment of the frontline midwives."

Also commenting on the training, Mrs. Aliyu Aliu Uneratu, from the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency, said, "It is crucial that we pass on all the information learned during this training to our coworkers and healthcare facilities that were unable to participate."

This training program which commenced on the 31st of March 2023 in Abuja, will be rolled out across Lagos and Kwara states in Nigeria. This partnership between WBFA and GE is a significant step towards achieving better maternal and child health outcomes in Nigeria and a testament to the commitment of both organizations to improving healthcare in Africa.

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